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Exciting news about Our Member SourceRecycle, Inc.

MEC tenants are actively using our gamified SaaS smart recycling system on the 2nd floor. We have been collecting pre-sorted plastic, glass, and aluminum from these containers and taking it directly to recycling centers. Our pilot at MEC is proof that incentivized multi-stream recycling works!

We are in the process of updating our app and incentives program…STAY TUNED! We plan to install our containers at the new MEC facility also for tenants to continue their recycling efforts and collect reward points.

A few Q3 highlights:

  • Our patent application was GRANTED by the USPTO!!!
  • Secured new clients for full installation and implementation of our incentivized system
  • Actively seeking initial round investment for excellent returns – please contact for details!
  • Our system was a 2nd place winner at the WeWork sustainability competition!
  • Our manufacturing center in India is fully operational for the fabrication of our smart containers
  • The Sourcerecycle mobile app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms

Sri Mirajkar, CEO and founder of SourceRecycle is passionate about environmental stewardship and has leveraged his years of IT expertise to create this solution.

The SourceRecycle system is an innovative, IT-enabled, multi-stream recycling system that facilitates the collection and separation of waste at the source. Multi-stream recycling of waste leads to increased recovery, reuse, and recycling. It also introduces down-line efficiencies for waste management and reduces costs of operating MRFs (Material Recovery Facility).