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Webinar Recording: Women Entrepreneurs: Women transforming industries: Recognizing the power of intellectual property


Expert panelists, including women entrepreneurs, small business owners, and inventors, will discuss resources and services that can help you protect your IP, access capital, find mentors, and network with fellow innovators and entrepreneurs.

Learn more about the Innovation Outreach Division at the USPTO.

The Innovation Outreach Division (IOD) develops awareness and outreach programs and training for inventors, organizations, and universities. The IOD is located in the Office of Public Engagement of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and supports the mission of the agency by providing relevant intellectual property (IP), innovation, and invention resources to independent inventors, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and underrepresented or underserved populations. The IOD creates annual programming and works with partners from other federal agencies, organizations, and universities to help everyone better understand, secure, and utilize IP.