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Short-Term Rental

The MEC provides short-term rental space for those who just require to meet occasionally.

Whether you need space to see clients or business partners, or are brainstorming with your team, or are organizing a business seminar, you will be able to reserve a room that suits your requirements.

Conference Rooms

MEC provides business owners in the local community access to several different types of conference rooms. Our conference rooms are available for large groups and can hold over 40 people. This space is ideal for group networking events, expert business speaker seminars, and training opportunities for those that meet periodically.

Conference Room Rates ½ Day (AM or PM) Full Day (8 hours)
Conference Center B (20 sitting, 40 standing) $250 $500
Conference Center A (35 sitting, 50 standing) $400 $800
Conference Center (55 sitting, 150 standing) $650 $1300

Meeting Rooms

MEC meeting rooms are accessible for smaller groups of up to 10 people that meet on occasion. If you are working on a business strategy or collaborating with other business experts, then MEC meeting rooms may be just what you are looking for. MEC meeting rooms are convenient and allow smaller groups of people to easily connect and ignite conversations with one another.

Meeting Room Rates ½ Day (AM or PM) Full Day (8 hours)
2-4 person Meeting Room $40.00 $80.00
4-6 person Meeting Room $80.00 $160
8-10 person Meeting Room $125 $250

Short-Term Offices

For business owners who are in town for a day or a week, the MEC offers access to our professional and convenient workspaces, amenities, and business community for the allotted time you need. MEC short-term offices are flexible for those who prefer to have either a private workspace or open co-working area.

Short-Term Office Rates ½ Day (AM or PM) Full Day (8 hours)
Short-Term Office $40.00 $80.00

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