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Client Resources

View Conference Room Calendars below for availability and send a calendar invite to [email protected] with the below format for fastest booking:

Subject: ” Company Name / Individual Name (# of people in meeting) “

Location: ” Conference Room # “

The front desk will accept your invitation if it is available OR email you alternate room options if someone has requested it before you and it had not updated on the web yet. Please call 703-277-7700 with questions or concerns.

For a quick guide to conference rooms and phone numbers:

Conference Room 1 Accotink(room 469)

Capacity of 8 to 12 people (large), equipped with LCD TV display and a large whiteboard.  Interior – no window.

Conference Room 2 Ashby Pond (room 429)

Capacity of 8 to 12 people (large), equipped with LCD TV display and a whiteboard. Interior – no window.

Conference Room 3 Daniels Run (room 417)

Capacity of 6 to 8 people (medium), equipped with LCD TV display and a whiteboard. Interior – no window.

Conference Room 4 Providence (room 456)

Capacity of 8 to 12 people (small), equipped with LCD TV display and a whiteboard. Interior – Has window.

Conference Room 5 (room 473)

Capacity of 4 to 6 people (small), Interior – no window.

Training Room A (room 115A)

Capacity of up to 25 people, equipped with AV , Revelation Services – Has windows.

Training Room B (room 115B)

Capacity of up to 25 people, equipped with AV Revelation Services.  Includes portable whiteboard. Has windows. Conference room phone # 703-277-7741

Conference Center A/V Operating Instructions

Room A Setup Instructions Laptop Setup

122A projector using existing desktop Room A Setup Instructions Desktop Setup

Room B Setup Instructions With Laptop Setup

Room A & B Setup instructions with rooms combined

LAN: Standard internet connections are located on the “C” port (the bottom right connection) on your wall panel. It should connect automatically without a password requirement. If you have trouble connecting, make sure your computer is set up to automatically obtain an IP addressIf you require a static connection please email [email protected] to have it hooked up (Limited public IPs are available).

Wireless: The wireless network for the MEC tenants is “MEC-Tenant” and password will be provided separately to client companies. 

 and in the conference rooms for guests is “MEC-Guest" and password will be provided separately.

Private Wireless networks: Many incubator companies hook up their own wireless router and maintain a secure password protected network. This is permitted but we request that you keep your wireless router channel to the standard default channel(s) such as 6 to avoid interference with the MEC-Fairfax wireless network. 

***Due to limited staff resources we do not provide IT support beyond an internet connection at the wall.***

Email to the printer:

Anyone can email attachments to the printer in the mail room using HP ePrint – [email protected]

To install a printer on your computer you must be plugged into the wall so you can access the network:

Click for the printer drivers online (if problems loading the page, try a different browser) and select your operating system to install drivers prior to adding the printer to your computer. When adding the printer, you may search for it by host name or IP. If there is a public IP (starts with 98), do not try to automatically detect the printer, you need to add a standard TCP/IP port and type in the IP address to install the printer correctly.

2nd Floor:

HP LaserJet 600 M601dn (Hostname: NPI82E0E5 or IP: *double sided printing OR  email [email protected]

3rd Floor:

HP Laserjet 600 M601dn  (Hostname: NPI362310 or IP:*double sided printing OR email [email protected]

4th Floor:

HP LaserJet 600 M601dn (Hostname: NPI2DDA43 or IP: *double sided printing OR email [email protected]

1st Floor: for MESA network only

HP Laserjet Pro 400 M401dne (use as IP: – *double sided printing

Please read if you use an intermediate router between the wall and your computer:

If you intend to use your own router to set up private wireless or split your connection, this information is needed for your router configuration if you plan to access the local networked printers.

Router IP’s need to be set to the information below. For the router IP, the First X is floor # second X in is room number (office #101 would be 1 and office 312 would be 12).

Please note the Subnet has to be Also make sure DHCP is turned off on the router (if you do not turn of DHCP then this will cause problems for you as well as other users).

Router IP: 10.1.1X.X

Floor 1 Range
Floor 2 Range
Floor 3 Range
Floor 4 Range

Example: Office number 202 would use an IP of when setting up a router while office number 440 would use

Copy machines are owned and operated by Copy Services and provided on several floors of the MEC-Fairfax as a convenience to clients and staff. Copies are $0.10 per side and scan to email or scan to USB is free. Adding your email address to the machines is only possible via copy services (email front desk staff to make this request on your behalf).

In order to activate a machine for operation, a copy card or patron card are required, regardless of whether copying or scanning will be performed.

Patron Cards are available at the front desk for purchase ($5 each) and may be loaded with money online (minimum $10) for use with the copiers (or at other businesses that accept Mason Money). After you open the link above, click the logo in the middle of the screen to enter the site. On the left navigation click the link that says “Make a Deposit” and then follow the instructions.

Cards should be treated like cash and are identified by the card number so if you leave your card at the copier and it is turned in to the front desk, staff will make their best effort to locate the owner of the card. For this reason, please make sure your card number is noted in our database if you purchase it from a location other than the MEC.

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